Pakyürek Group of Companies sets goals that will provide benefit to the society and the country's economy in every industry it operates and takes necessary steps to reach these goals.

One of the main goals Pakyürek Group of Companies , through its brand mezzeMarin , is to deliver its nutritious, healthy, practical and reasonably priced seafood products to more consumers. To achieve this goal, the company continues its marketing activities to offer its products to consumers in a higher number of discount supermarkets and point of sales.

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In addition to sales points in Turkey, the company also works to export fish to more countries as it is a product with added value processed in Turkey. The goal is to make mezzeMarin branded products available on the shelves of supermarkets in many leading countries of the world including Russia, USA, Japan and European countries.

Pakyürek Group of Companies develops new products for its mezzeMarin brand by analyzing the needs of consumers. For example, a new category was created with the product mackerel fillet as nutritious and tasty seafood. The company continues to priories R&D activities to offer products to consumers in the most convenient way.

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Biocampus , Pakyürek Group of Companies brand in biotechnology carries out research and development activities on growing potato seeds, ornamental plants in its own laboratory in cooperation with international companies.

The primary goal of Biocampus is to create advantage for the customers in logistics costs by combining production based on bulk orders with local service network and develop the best price policy in this industry Pakyürek Group of Companies also invests in Turkish agriculture by creating an alternative with local production without the need for imported seeds. Innovative work of Biocampus is also intended to contribute to the agricultural industry in Turkey.

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