Pakyürek Group of Companies prioritizes compliance with and implementation of national and international standards in order to achieve sustainability in production and maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction in all industries it operates in.

Pakyürek Group of Companies sustainability approach involves implementation of economic, environmental and social principles and monitoring and continuous improvement of performance in every stage of its operations.

Fast adaptation to changing business environment and market conditions in every industry, obtaining concrete and effective results through continuous R&D and P&D investments, and taking all necessary actions to penetrate into new markets are the sustainability approaches of Pakyürek Group of Companies for growth.

A knowledgeable, fair, responsible and transparent management approach about the rights of consumers, employees and stakeholders are the administrative principles of Pakyürek Group of Companies.

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Provision of raw materials in the frozen seafood industry in every season of the year without being dependent on the fishing industry and sustainability of production is possible through scientific and corporate principles.

Within the scope of its sustainability approach, Pakyürek Group of Companies supports employment of women; provides training to its employees; organizes social activities to reinforce employee engagement and takes action to protect the environment and natural resources.

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